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HIN FAH, meaning ‘Sky Rock’, is located near the sleepy, peaceful fishing village of Thong Krut on the southwest coast of Koh Samui. The development is built on more than 150 rai (240,000 square meters) of dazzling land that snakes down the hillside of an undulating 3-kilometer ridge blanketed by swaths of emerald palm trees. The land is being conscientiously developed over time to include private luxury estates, opulent hospitality for visitors, and boutique retail and wellness services that cohesively complement the worry-free lifestyle savored by Koh Samui’s inhabitants.


HIN FAH’s developers have recruited an international team of experts. From Swiss architects to American designers, the team is committed to making the most of what is arguably the last site of this scale and beauty on Samui’s southern coast. As the only mountain-to-beachfront development project on the island, HIN FAH aims to be one of Thailand’s lowest density signature residential estates, offering peace of mind to prospective buyers seeking a serene locale where they can reap the fruits of a hard-earned legacy. With its stunning sunset views and pristine surroundings, HIN FAH provides far more than just the typical comforts of resort living. It is a destination of a lifetime for those seeking an eco-friendly, sustainable community where one can savor the benefits of a life’s work and settle into a villa that can serve as an heirloom for generations to come.




Prospective residents will be able to choose from a varied selection of elegant three and five-bedroom villas. Engaging, environmentally sensitive architecture ensures that the properties blend with the natural surroundings while also offering unique, luxurious living spaces. Each villa has been carefully crafted to make the best of the development’s incredible location by welcoming in remarkable sea views and the soothing natural atmosphere to complement beautifully appointed interior decor. Indoor and outdoor spaces are separated by floor-to-ceiling doors that can easily be opened to allow residents to pass through and take advantage of wide balconies that maximize the views. Generous terraces and open living plans allow residents and guests to soak up the pleasant year-round Koh Samui climate. 



HIN FAH cascades down the lush hillside of Samui’s southwestern coast, making it an ideal location for those seeking undisturbed natural surroundings. Unlike Koh Samui’s bustling northeastern beaches, Thong Krut, known for its high-end accommodation at neighboring resorts like the Conrad and the Intercontinental, offers tranquility, sparse traffic, and a laid-back atmosphere where residents can slow down and truly enjoy the Thai lifestyle. For those who enjoy island hopping, this area offers the best access to neighboring Koh Taen and Koh Matsum islands. Despite HIN FAH’s seemingly remote setting, Samui’s abundant conveniences and activities are just a short drive away. Lamai beach, with its festive nightlife, markets and international restaurants can be accessed by car in less than 15 minutes. Samui airport is reachable just 45 minutes to the north.


HIN FAH is equipped with the latest in modern-day comforts and conveniences. Each villa is connected to an underground electricity system powered by six distribution substations and multiple generators, as well as high-speed fiber optic internet capabilities. Clean water is provided to the site by way of several deep wells, a freshwater reservoir, irrigation ponds, and water tanks that hold a total storage capacity of 900m3. Water delivered to each villa passes through oxidation tanks complete with sand, carbon, and resin filters. Top-notch irrigation systems ensure that water is properly and efficiently drained, allowing residents to remain at ease during Thailand’s rainiest periods.The roads of Hin Fah have been constructed to meet European standards, allowing for easy access and safe transportation throughout the site. 




Creating a quintessential new luxury address for Koh Samui requires extensive planning, lengthy discussion, and an endless supply of inspiration. Each design decision was organized around four central questions that challenge the culture for building big: what is necessary; how can we minimize our impact on the earth; how do we respect the context of the neighborhood; and what can we really build? Some answers came from a place with which we are already intimately familiar – the seemingly forgotten vernacular architecture and the principles of Tropical Modernism also offered direction. HIN FAH offers a unique combination of design, intimacy, and contextualism that captures a new, modern movement in the Koh Samui real estate market. It is created by those who truly believe in offering an international destination rooted in local culture and set within an inspiring piece of modern architecture and interiors. Koh Samui residents pride themselves on living the dream, which many have worked toward achieving their whole lives. A HIN FAH villa, much like a precious stone, is a sign of a life of sacrifice and dedication that can be passed down through one’s lineage for generations to come.

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HIN FAH’s development team recognizes the importance of sustainability and is working to incorporate it into every aspect of the property’s design, from on-site planning to architecture and building management. The goal of this project is to preserve and enrich Koh Samui’s physical and cultural identity while fostering an ever-improving quality of life for residents. In alignment with the vision of becoming Koh Samui’s first genuinely sustainable resort community, HIN FAH will benefit from the use of the highest quality environmentally friendly materials for building and maintenance. The property’s managers are also committed to implementing cutting-edge best practices in recycling, waste management, energy conservation, rainwater usage, and more. Residents of HIN FAH can take pride as members of Thailand’s most responsible, eco-friendly leisure community, living in harmony with the island’s sparkling green jungles, turquoise waters, and tangerine sunset skies.


Residents will benefit from exclusive access, transportation and membership for the Taen Beach Club, an up and coming private facility built on the quaint neighboring island of Koh Taen, accessible in just 10 minutes by speedboat from the pier at Samui’s Thong Krut Village. The Tean Beach Club will cover some 15 rai (24,000 square meters) of beachfront land amply shaded by mature coconut trees, and faces northwest, providing awe-inspiring views of the surrounding islands. Visitors can also explore the island’s mangrove forests and bird sanctuaries, which may be reached via the newly constructed ring road. Future clients at the Taen Beach Club, which was built within the island’s marina-approved zone, will be able to moor their boats at the property’s pier once construction is completed. Several marina projects are also in the scope for this area in the near future, making the southwest of Koh Samui more attractive than ever. 

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