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Introducing JIVA Private Residences

Updated: May 8

Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of Koh Samui's southernmost hill, Jiva Residences stand as a testament to luxury living harmonized with nature. Situated within the exclusive gated community of HIN FAH, these residences offer a serene escape near the charming village of Thong Krut, where untouched beauty and tranquility await.

Drawing inspiration from the holistic well-being ethos of Japanese design, Jiva Residences seamlessly blend into their surroundings, nestled among natural stones and lush vegetation. Each villa is a masterpiece of timeless design, crafted with high-end natural materials that exude elegance and sophistication.

Central to the Jiva experience is the integration of outdoor Onsen baths and a 19-meter heated pool in every villa, inviting residents to indulge in rejuvenating moments amidst the serenity of their private sanctuary. Whether basking in the warm waters of the Onsen or lounging by the poolside, residents are enveloped in a sense of peace and tranquility.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, Jiva Residences offer unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape, providing a picturesque backdrop for everyday life. Whether it's the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand stretching into the horizon or the verdant hills rolling into the distance, each vista is a breathtaking masterpiece waiting to be admired.

Moreover, residing within a gated community ensures not only privacy and security but also access to the highest quality infrastructure. From well-maintained roads to reliable utilities, residents can enjoy the convenience of modern living without compromising on the natural charm of their surroundings.

To further enhance the living experience, Jiva Residences offer hassle-free maintenance operations overseen by a dedicated management team. Residents can rest assured that their villa will be impeccably maintained, allowing them to focus on enjoying the pleasures of island living.

In addition to these amenities, residents have access to luxury villa services provided by an internationally renowned hotel operator. From concierge assistance to in-villa dining, every aspect of the Jiva experience is curated to exceed expectations and elevate the standard of luxury living.

For those interested in investment opportunities, Jiva Residences offer a villa rental program managed by an experienced team. With the potential for considerable appreciation in villa value, owners can benefit from both the intrinsic beauty of their property and the lucrative returns of the rental market.

At Jiva Residences, our vision is to create more than just a luxury villa; we aim to cultivate a lifestyle where residents can enjoy the best of both worlds – a private piece of paradise and a sound investment for the future. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we strive to ensure that every moment spent at Jiva is nothing short of extraordinary.

Only one villa left for sale, contact us for further details or to arrange a private viewing.

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