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PM Approves Koh Samui Cruise Ship Terminal Project

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has given the green light to a significant project on Sunday, authorizing the development of a cruise ship terminal on Koh Samui. The terminal, expected to accommodate up to 120 cruise ships annually, holds the potential to generate approximately eight billion baht in revenue.

Mr Srettha said he would like the project's proposal to be presented at a cabinet meeting for approval by the end of 2024. "The cruise terminal will be a gift to the people of Surat Thani," he said.

Srettha highlighted that Koh Samui is among ten destinations in Asia visited by cruise ships. However, the lack of a suitable terminal has led to some cruise ships bypassing the island altogether. To address this, the proposed terminal will be constructed in Laem Hin Khom of Taling Ngam sub-district on the island.

With an estimated cost of 12 billion baht, the project is anticipated to attract more high-spending tourists to the island. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin emphasized the economic benefits associated with cruise ship visits.

"Koh Samui has great potential," he said, adding that besides the terminal, the government also wants to see a seaplane base and a duty-free zone at the marina terminal to boost the economy in the province. He said the seaplane base and cruise terminal would elevate the island to become one of the top destinations for foreign visitors.

Marine Department Chief Kritphet Chaichuai said the Koh Samui Cruise Ship Terminal project would be part of a popular sailing route between Singapore and Hong Kong, and the government expects cruise ships would make a stop there.

The Marine Department has hired consultants to conduct a preliminary feasibility study on the design and site selection of the Samui cruise terminal. The facility would use a total area of 47 rai, consisting of 15 rai of land for service buildings and parking and a 32-rai offshore area for a three-storey passenger building and a yacht marina.

The terminal would accommodate 180,000 tourists and 118 cruise ships per year. Projected income over the 30-year period is about 8.5 billion baht.

The project is currently being submitted to the Public-Private Partnership Policy Committee and is expected to be submitted to the cabinet for approval this year, he said.

Construction would be scheduled to start in 2029 and would be complete around the end of 2032. 

Contact us for more details on the PPP progress, feasibility studies and private investment details.

Sources: Bangkok Post, Marine Department, Koh Samui Municipality, SC Group, Manda Group International

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