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Prefab Steel Frame Villa on Koh Samui, Thailand

Yama [山] means 'mountain' in Japanese. The mountain is the guiding force behind these villa design. The stacked levels celebrate the incline of the terrain below. The spirit of the mountain is powerful and calm. Yama Villas offer privacy between the levels, perfect for entertaining guests or larger families. The uninterrupted views evoke moments of meditation and the energy of the lush mountain greenery can be felt. The tones of the mountainside were used in the interior design, creating a seamless blend from interior to exterior worlds.

Yama Villas which are available both at Hin Fah and KAYA, shine by combining the clean lines and muted color palette of contemporary design with the exotic woods and stone found on the mountain. With its distinct long overhangs and roof planes this style of architecture has taken on a glamorous and seductive feel. The floor plan is developed around a central common area with private spaces on the extremities. Such an arrangement creates negative space, which in turn becomes the main living and circulating space, providing a free flowing travel route throughout the home, as well as views out to the exterior and the ocean. The split level design allows for privacy balanced with connectivity.

As a sustainable property developer, our future-proof homes at Hin Fah and KAYA are designed to provide a resilient and enduring sanctuary for its residents. We build with an awareness of future challenges and environmental risks - creating a modern community that will be able to thrive in the new normal and beyond.

If you have questions and want to know more about the options at Hin Fah or KAYA, let’s connect today so you can feel confident making a decision about your property investment in Koh Samui's finest gated communities.

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