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Architecture Challenges for Children in Lockdown

British architecture studio Foster + Partners is publishing a series of architecture challenges, including building a paper skyscraper and creating a city, to keep children in coronavirus lockdown entertained.

Called #architecturefromhome, the initiative was launched by Foster + Partners to help entertain and educate children who are currently stuck at home.

"The recent lockdown has offered us an opportunity to create a number of online initiatives that educate and entertain our online community and support parents and carers with children who may not attending school at the moment," said Katy Harris, senior partner at Foster + Partners. "The #architecturefromhome initiative is a chance for all of us to have some fun and learn at the same time," she told Dezeen.

Foster + Partners has created a series of architecture challenges for children

The tasks released by the studio are designed to encourage children to make, play, draw and think about architecture.

So far the studio has challenged children to build a paper skyscraper and create their own city, as well as learning how to draw trees and create a photo story.

The challenges include building a city

Each of the challenges has been created to encourage children to think more about their surroundings and the buildings around them.

"We have tried to engage children in activities that are practical as well as thought-provoking and that may complement the work they are doing at home-school," said Harris.

"The main aim has been to get them to ask questions about their surroundings and start thinking about their built environment," she continued. "For instance, the photo story activity teaches children about scale and prompts them to think differently about space and buildings."

People have send pictures of their creations from around the world

"The activities are predominantly aimed at children from ages two to 12," explained Harris. "They have been designed in a way that everyone, no matter what their age, can get something out of it."

"From the responses we are getting, even older children are taking something from these activities," she continued. "The broad appeal means that anyone can develop them into something bigger and better."

Foster + Partners describe the response as "a bit overwhelming"

Foster + Partners has encouraged people to share their creations and has been sent creations from all across the world.

"The response has been absolutely fantastic and frankly a bit overwhelming!" said Harris.

"We've received emails from Canada, Spain, Italy and even as far as Australia and Cambodia sharing creations with us," she continued. "We are glad to be able to brighten someone's day or kindle their creativity in some ways –  stay tuned for many more fun activities!"

The studio has created 10 tasks

Foster and Partners is an architecture studio in London that was founded by Norman Foster in 1967. The studio has created ten activities, but will add more if the lockdown continues.

In a similar vein UK company Dyson has created 44 engineering and science activities for children in lockdown. They include making a balloon-powered car and building a bridge from spaghetti.

(via Dezeen)

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