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Best of 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

The year is drawing to a close, which means it’s time to look back at the most popular posts in our magazine, where we provide the inside word on the newest and most exciting #sustainable #luxury lifestyle and #property trends, #architecture #design tips, #RealEstate news, insights around #KohSamui and #Thailand, along with keeping you informed of our updates.

Here are eight of our most popular contents this year, all wrapped up in a glittery bow for your convenience. 

1. Sustainable Architecture and Luxury Homes

The modern concept of luxury isn’t identified by wealth or prestige. Rather, it refers to quality, durability, timeless appeal and sustainable architecture and home design. Luxurious properties are not only characterized by their recognizably indulgent atmosphere, but they are also hubs of eco-friendly upgrades and smart features. Over the recent years, eco-friendly design has become one of the most sought-after qualities, increasing the value of properties on the market. In combination with deluxe amenities, such a design becomes the ultimate expression of luxury.


2. Heading South | Hin Fah - The Documentary (Part One)

Traveling to exotic places shows us a lifestyle we never thought possible. Foreign lands offer enriching experiences, new flavors and exciting moments. But these moments shouldn't be limited to a short holiday trip. Exotic luxury living can become reality simply by building your dream villa in Thailand.


3. Why Is It Time Now to Invest in Koh Samui?

Koh Samui’s real estate investment offer is quite unique compared to other destinations in Thailand. In order to find out the reasons to invest in Koh Samui, let’s first start answering the question: why investing in Thailand?


4. Sustainable Luxury Villas, Which Are the Best in the World?

The real estate market is changing rapidly thanks to innovative new ideas and technology. As a result, the perfect combination of elegance, utility, and sustainability is emerging with the trend of green building for luxury homes. Sustainable living isn’t a new concept, but the way that we achieve sustainability is evolving. Sustainable luxury homes used to mean small, simple homes designed for minimalist living. That, however, is no longer the case. Many luxury homes are now moving towards energy-efficient technology,  not only in the construction of the house, but in its final design as well. Energy-efficient homes are no longer limited to repurposed shipping containers, but can resemble any other luxury home. Revolutionary ecotechnology means that sustainability is no longer incompatible with a luxurious lifestyle.


5. What’s the Easiest Way to Obtain a Thai Visa When Buying Property in Thailand?

The Thailand Elite residence program is an alternative way to obtain a Thai visa when buying property in Thailand. Having a privilege entry visa ensures holders the right to stay in Thailand for up to 20 years along with a range of additional complimentary services and benefits.


6. Critical Things to Know Before Buying Luxury Property in Thailand

Investing in Thailand property isn’t an easy exercise. Despite a fantastic positive growth trend, the Thailand property market is full of surprises for the unsophisticated foreign investor. Here are 8 things you need to know and some common mistakes that can turn your investment dream into a nightmare.


7. Benefits of Living in a Luxury Gated Community

If you are someone who fancies having a quiet life equipped while still having access to all the modern facilities, living in luxury gated communities could be the right choice for you. Living in such private communities has its benefits, which make it a desirable choice of residence. So today, we bring you some of the benefits of living in a gated community that might get you to consider moving to such a place.


8. Why Having a Sea View Is Good for Your Health

If the sight of the sea cheers you up and makes you feel good, it's not that surprising. There's a growing body of evidence to suggest a clear correlation between close proximity to the sea and better psychological health.

We hope you enjoyed our round up. Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness and prosperity for you, happy new year.

- Team Hin Fah

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