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Blending Luxury with Sustainability

Today’s eco-friendly homes involve more than the just sustainable products, recycled materials and energy efficient systems. These homes strive to create a lifestyle where modern day conveniences meld harmoniously with the home’s natural surroundings.

In previous decades, luxury and sustainability were opposing concepts with specifying sustainable products seen as a compromise on quality and lifestyle. However, with the increasing demand for environmentally conscious space, whether home or business, the savviest of designers and makers are responding, allowing for the creation of residences that balance the two in equal measure.

Whether refurbishing a home or commercial property, sustainability has become the buzzword in all projects meetings. From LED lighting right through to innovative, technologically advanced products, going green isn’t commended, it’s preferred.

As design project trends increasingly embrace sustainability, being environmentally conscious is now an integral part of renovations and interior projects. A growing number of manufacturers have begun utilising eco-friendly materials with transparent sourcing and clients are smarter at selecting zero-emission, reclaimed and water-based products.

Soaring traditional energy costs are combatted by the installation of cheaper renewable energies, driving the adoption of solar power, water efficiency and collection systems.

Experienced contractors often advise on the most effective way to approach a sustainable refurbishment, looking at:

  • Extensive insulation to aid heating and save energy costs

  • Designing spaces that benefit from natural light and reducing the need for artificial lighting

  • Installation of solar panels to reduce energy costs and exploit sunlight

  • Installation of a biomass boiler to utilise renewable fuels

  • Replacement of non-energy conscious lighting with LED eco-friendly lightbulbs

  • Appliances with high-energy efficiency ratings

The trend of integrating outdoors with indoors and adopting natural materials to directly reflect the landscape around it is becoming increasingly popular. From solar panels to caring for the landscape, safeguarding existing trees and plants and using recycled materials, sustainability plays a very important role in today’s world and should be carefully considered when planning any renovation project.

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