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Going for Green - Upside in Sustainable Home Features

Covid has really built the awareness. Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, luxury buyers have placed a sudden emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly home features.

In some respects, this newfound focus on health has also raised the profile of eco-friendly amenities, with sustainability, health and cleanliness getting wrapped up into a broader sense of overall “wellness".

Sustainability is almost like a health brand, or a stamp of approval from a health perspective.

We’re just scratching the surface, and it’s going to become the norm in the coming years, homes that are using sustainable features right now are the exceptions, and therefore giving themselves a great marketing tool and platform. As this next generation of millennials morphs from renter to buyer, we’re going to see developers responding more quickly to their needs, whether that be rooftop or indoor vertical farms, or even car charging stations.

Solar technology, electric car charging stations and eco-friendly design tap into a growing desire for wellness and environmentalism, and can boost a luxury homeowner's lifestyle. For many luxury buyers, having a home that’s designed for sustainability has long seemed nice in theory, but also connoted austere, crunchy aesthetics, plus the added expense of installing green technology.

Environmentally conscious purchases still need to incorporate high design and state-of-the-art finishes in order to turn heads, and ideally, save money on their monthly energy costs as well. Sustainable homes are tuned in to their natural surroundings, incorporating eco-friendly materials and building processes. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, Hin Fah's custom green homes offer far-reaching social, economic and environmental advantages.

Apart from the reduction in toxic substances, green living literally reduces stress and improves quality of life. Emphasis on harmonious design, reduced costs and simplified processes that benefit the whole community, contribute to long term happiness.

At Hin Fah, we can make this particular dream come true, so you can experience the benefits of your own sustainable home. Contact us for further information or to arrange a private viewing.

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