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Koh Samui Property Investment: Here's Why You Should Buy Your Dream Home at Hin Fah

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Buying a dream home is a wonderful thing. The immense satisfaction you get when you step into the home is one to cherish. Real estate investments are one of the most profitable investments you can make, which is why you should never delay a property investment. Be it a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, there are always importand factors to consider.

Hin Fah is no ordinary home. It offers a limited opportunity to build in one of Thailand’s lowest density, signature, private gated communities. Only a few discerning members will be able to own a piece of this 60-acre sprawling piece of paradise.

It's a unique combination of design and intimacy that captures a new movement in the Koh Samui real estate market. It is created by those who truly believe in offering an international destination rooted in local culture and set within an inspiring piece of modern architecture.

We invite you to discover this exceptional destination in the south of beautiful Koh Samui.

Location, Location, Location

Thong Krut still retains a quaint, old-Thailand feel; perfect for those looking to appreciate the quieter side of island life. While the north of Samui is bustling with recent growth, the south of the island remains largely untouched. Here we find the clearest ocean, the greenest hills, and the best views. A sublime location for island-lovers.

It is a destination of a lifetime for those seeking an eco-friendly, sustainable community where one can savor the benefits of a life’s work and settle into a luxury villa that can serve as an heirloom for members of a sophisticated heritage.

World Class Infrastructure

Hin Fah provides a relaxed tropical atmosphere combined with the latest in modern-day comforts and conveniences. Each villa is connected to an underground electricity system powered by six distribution substations and multiple generators, as well as high-speed fiber optic internet capabilities.

Clean water is provided to the site by way of several deep wells, a freshwater reservoir, irrigation ponds, and water tanks that hold a total storage capacity of 900m3. Water delivered to each villa passes through oxidation tanks complete with sand, carbon, and resin filters. Top-notch irrigation systems ensure that water is properly and efficiently drained, allowing residents to remain at ease during Thailand’s rainiest periods.

The roads of Hin Fah have been constructed to meet European standards, allowing for easy access and safe transportation throughout the site.

Living in a Luxury Gated Community

If you are someone who fancies having a quiet life equipped while still having access to all the modern facilities, living in luxury gated communities could be the right choice for you. Living in such private communities has its benefits, which make it a desirable choice of residence. So today, we bring you some of the benefits of living in a gated community that might get you to consider moving to such a place.

Villas Harmoniously Designed with the Environment in Mind

Sustainable luxury. This expression, that for many years seemed to be a paradox, is now a contemporary trend. The modern concept of luxury isn’t identified by wealth or prestige.

Rather, it refers to quality, durability, timeless appeal and sustainable architecture and home design. Luxurious properties are not only characterized by their recognizably indulgent atmosphere, but they are also hubs of eco-friendly upgrades and smart features. Over the recent years, eco-friendly design has become one of the most sought-after qualities, increasing the value of properties on the market. In combination with deluxe amenities, such a design becomes the ultimate expression of luxury.

Prospective buyers at Hin Fah will be able to choose from a varied selection of elegant three and five-bedroom villa types. Engaging, environmentally sensitive architecture ensures that the properties blend with the natural surroundings while also offering unique, luxurious living spaces. Low density planning allows for huge plots of nature to exist between habitats - providing tremendous privacy and security. The community was also designed with more than 20% of its land dedicated to recreational purposes for homeowners to enjoy.

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