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Luxury Homes: “Must-Have” Features of the World’s Elite

Regardless of the rapidly-changing global political landscape, the world’s wealthy continue to invest in luxury property. Whether they’re upgrading existing homes or purchasing additional residences, they remain optimistic as Brexit rolls on and Donald Trump prepares to his second term as President in the U.S.

A recent report published by Luxury Property International found that around 45% from a study of 5,000 high net-worth individuals (HNWI’s) across 12 countries were highly intent on buying new property within the next three years, whilst 23% intended to sell within the same time period.

So, what do HNWI’s look for when considering their next residential investment?

1. Privacy & Security

When it comes to purchasing a new home, 61% of HNWI’s continue to value privacy and security above all else. There is an increasing demand for cutting-edge, digital CCTV systems that offer both video monitoring and automated locking systems (see ‘Smart Homes’ below).

2. Smart Homes

58% of HNWI’s considered smart functionality within a home as being very important. This included home security to lighting, entertainment systems to central heating/cooling systems. 38% of the sample stated that they were seeking a central smart hub that would allow them to operate all these features remotely from their smart phones.

3. Sustainability

Sustainable living is becoming increasingly fashionable amongst various segments of society, including the rich. 56% of the sample wanted a house with integrated eco-friendly and energy efficient features whilst 76% stressed the importance of sustainable technology within the home. That’s much higher than the 46% of people who stated that entertainment technology was a priority within the home. 40% stated that they would look for solar panels or alternative, sustainable energy sources when trying to identify their next investment.

4. ‘Cutting-Edge’ Kitchen

55% of people emphasized the importance of having a spacious, highly spec’d kitchen, equipped with the latest appliances. As one of the focal communal areas within any home, HNWI’s place this high on the list when it comes to ‘must-have’ features.

 5. En-suite… or more

When it comes to bedrooms, an en-suite master bedroom is generally regarded as the minimum expectation. 54% of HNWI’s go one step further and also look for dual walk-in closets. A lavish addition but, when you can afford it, why not?


High net-worth individuals have not been perturbed by recent political instability. Instead, they continue to look for ways to invest their money in luxury property. As property developers, it is imperative that we keep track of buyer behaviours and trends in order to deliver the most desirable premises to market.

With its stunning sunset views and pristine surroundings, Hin Fah provides far more than just the typical comforts of resort living. It is a destination of a lifetime for those seeking an eco-friendly, sustainable community where one can savor the benefits of a life’s work and settle into a villa that can serve as an heirloom for generations to come. Only a few discerning members will be able to own a piece of this 60-acre sprawling piece of paradise. Contact us for further details.

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