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The Luxury Way to Live with Multiple Generations

Proper planning and expert help are keys to creating the space for your extended family to live in high-end comfort.

Whether you want to vacation with three or four generations of your family, take care of your elderly parents or nurture a relationship among members of your extended family, you may want to consider having a home designed specifically for multiple generations to live together.

Imagine having all your loved ones live under one roof with unique private spaces AND spaces specifically designed to gather together comfortably. It’s possible.

One of the essential elements to a successful melding of generations in one home, ironically, is creating space for everyone to be occasionally apart.

“When we meet with buyers at Hin Fah, they often fall in love with the site and tell us how many bedrooms they need, but we dig deeper to get to know them and understand their family dynamics. For example, for a family with college students who want to bring their friends to visit, we can design the house so that the entertainment space is far from the grandparents’ and parents’ suites. But families with young children often want the kids’ rooms close to their parents but farther from the grandparents."

The trick to multigenerational homes is designing spaces that make sense. When a home is geared toward comfort, privacy and accessibility, living with family can be comfortable and convenient.

Multigenerational homes allow families, either close relatives or extended family, equal space to live harmoniously under one roof. The distinct architectural design and open floor plan concept compliment multigenerational living as it provides a more versatile space where grandparents can spend time with grandchildren in the family room as parents prep for dinner close by in the kitchen.

Communal public spaces such as the great room bring loved ones together, whereas private suites offer secluded privacy. Connecting doors from the suites to the main home provide safety as elderly loved ones advance in age and also provides convenience for daily engagement between family members.

Multigenerational Suites go beyond a sleeping room with a private bath by including a public space separate from the main house, such as a sitting room, separate entrance, and possibly a kitchen to enhance the independence of both families sharing the home.

“In every case, we build outdoor space around the house and work around the trees and topography of the land. we create small destination points with private terraces facing the ocean, the jungle or the trees where people can walk a short distance from the house to escape into their own nook.”

One of the primary trepidations families face when shifting their lifestyle is the fear of losing privacy. With so many heads under one roof, it can feel like there’s no place to turn for solitude. Yet, Hin Fah’s floor plans are designed to ensure that every family member can have quiet time. Attachments and features, such as separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, allow for complete separation between the generations within the household.

Living in a multigenerational home means customizing as much as possible and remembering to adapt when necessary. What works for other families might not work for you and you might even find that something you designed doesn’t actually translate to real life. The trick to living with more than one family is to keep communication open and stay open to change so that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

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