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Villas Harmoniously Designed with Nature

Building your dream home at Hin Fah allows a choice from a varied selection of elegant villa types with flexible floor plans. Each villa engages a series of environmentally sensitive aspects of the architecture ensuring that the habitat blends with the natural surroundings while also offering unique luxurious living spaces. Low density planning allows for huge plots of nature to exist between habitats providing tremendous privacy and security. The community was also designed with more than 20% of its land dedicated to recreational purposes for homeowners to enjoy. The result is a harmonious balance between human habitat and the elements of sand, mountain and sky.

Hin Fah translated from Thai means ‘Sky Rock.’ The connection to nature can be felt not only in the name, but also in the architecture, the design and the approach. Nature is the core inspiration. The three villa types each reflect a unique aspect of the landscape. Elements of sand, mountain and sky are used as design inspiration for the villa collections, creating an interesting palette of colors and textures.

The Story of SUNA

Suna [砂] means sand in Japanese. Sand is a metaphor for the moving energy of life, all the small moments creating a greater whole. Sand is a beautiful part of island life from beach walks to lazy lounging. Just as the sand in a zen garden inspires thoughtful reflection, the design language of Suna brings peace and harmony to life in the villa. The light, breezy and earthy tones found in sand are used to give Suna interiors a gentle glow. Suna villas are located on the entry level plots of Hin Fah, gently elevated with spectacular views. These plots have a more subtle degree of slope which is perfect for a single level home.

The Story of YAMA

Yama [山] means ‘mountain’ in Japanese. The mountain is the guiding force behind these designs. The stacked levels celebrate the incline of the terrain below. The spirit of the mountain is powerful and calm. Yama villas offer privacy between the levels, perfect for entertaining guests or larger families. The uninterrupted views evoke moments of meditation and the energy of the lush mountain greenery can be felt. The tones of the mountainside were used in the interior design, creating a seamless blend from interior to exterior worlds. Yama plots are located in the center of Hin Fah, mountainside between the sand and the sky.

The Story of SORA

Sora [昊] means sky and when it comes to a Sora Villa, the sky really is the limit. A flexible floor plan allows you a choice of bedrooms and other rooms as well. There’s a sense of luxury, ease and warmth suited to the Koh Samui lifestyle and climate and inspired by the spectacular skies and sunsets seen everyday. Sora plots are located on the top ridge of Hin Fah, reaching high into the skies above with unparalleled views. Build your own Sora villa or have a look at our recently built Sora Villa available for resale.

As a private, boutique builder, we offer potential homeowners the most valuable commodity you can give to someone building a home- the ability to make choices. We provide homeowners with the flexibility to put their personal signature on the home of their dreams. From flooring and moulding, to cabinetry, electrics and lighting, we offer up a world of possibilities allowing people to express themselves through design.

Exceeding Expectations in Infrastructure

Hin Fah has been outfitted with the highest standard of infrastructure on Koh Samui by meeting or exceeding European standards. You can rest assured that your villa has access to the most reliable water, electric, gas and internet available. While many other developers wait to furnish the estate with roads, Hin Fah breaks the mold by providing the finished main road before all the plots are sold. This enables easy viewing, speeds up construction wait time and protects the neighborhood feeling for residents.

Our team of international architects, developers and designers believe in the power of community and the responsibility to ecology. We invite you to discover this exceptional destination in the south of beautiful Koh Samui. Hin Fah is a world apart, rich in the elements that truly matter: community, design, sanctuary, and nature.

Contact us for more details or to arrange a private viewing.

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